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Instructions for use and maintenance of air source processing components

published:2013-05-04 12:56:10 visits:256 source:Wuxi Huatong Pneumatic


1. 使用前注意检查元件在运输过程中是否损坏,连接部位是否松动,然后再安装使用。

2. 安装时请注意气体流动方向,并保持位置垂直。

3. 进出口带缩节时,元件的流量约减少10%,过滤精度每增加一级,流量减小约7%。

4. 使用减压阀或过滤减压阀时,应先将调节手轮调节至零位,并将压力表,堵头分别安装在减压阀或过滤减压阀相应位置上,并保证其不漏气(压力表,堵头安装位置可以互换),然后通气,调节至相应压力。

5. 使用油雾器时,应先将油量阀针调节至零位,加入恰当的润滑油至油位线,然后根据需要通气后调节至适当的位置。


6. 采用金属管子连接时,请注意清除管子内部的金属颗粒、粉尘、油污等。


1. Check te element and make sure all element are in goo d condition before useing.

2. Make sure r ight air flow direction connecting, keep element in ver tical position.

3. With adapter bonnet, the flow rate will reduce 10%, one grade accuracy of filter increased, 7% of flow down.

4. When using pressure-reducing valve and filtrating pressure - reducing valve first reset the control hand wheel, fix the pressure gauge and the stopple on the r ight position. and make sure no leak (pressure gauge and stopple can exchange position).

5. When using at omized lubricator,first reset the hand of the oil valve to the right level ,then airing, and adjustto the right position, Note, lubr icating oil with low-level ketone, arene areforbiden.

6. If connect with metal tabe, please clean the tube first.

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