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Non-Standard Customized Pneumatic Big Bore Iron Steel Large Impact Cylinder

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Huatong Pneumatic custom iron cylinder

Non-Standard Customized Pneumatic Big Bore Iron Cylinder Applied in Heavy Industry, Metallurgy Resistance to Large Impact Cylinder


Cylinder diameter 250mm-400mm and above customizable: the connection, cylinder diameter, stroke, installation parts (intermediate shaft pin, front and rear flange, front and rear earrings, etc.), Working environment: high temperature or low temperature cylinder,withstand large impact,prevent the cylinder in transportation,improve the overall life of the cylinder.

In addition to heavy iron cylinder, Huatong Pneumatic can also customize aluminum cylinder, ISO15552 standard cylinder, mini cylinder, thin cylinder, carbon steel cylinder cylinder and special stainless steel cylinder cylinder.

The iron cylinder is heavier than aluminum cylinder under the same cylinder diameter and stroke, which can be used normally in the working environment of large impact force. Generally, the large and heavy cylinders are made of cast iron or carbon steel, which are suitable for heavy industry, metallurgical industry, power plant, steel plant, electrolytic aluminum plant and heavy industry equipment.

Iron cylinder is made of high quality, high strength carbon steel seamless tube. The internal surface with hard anodic oxidation or hard chrome plating processing and manufacturing, makes heavy iron cylinders have long service life, large impact resistance, knock resistance, and large output force.

The principle and structure of iron cylinder is relatively simple. It;s easy to install. It is not easy to damage the cylinder in transportation and use. The output force is large. The output force of the cylinder is proportional to the square of the cylinder diameter.

In the process of usage, the cylinder can work normally in high and low temperature environment, with a certain waterproof and dustproof ability. To a certain extent, it can adapt to various harsh environment. Cylinders can run in no buffer environment by rapid response in combustion, explosive, dust and other harsh working environment.

The cylinder and its maintenance cost is relatively low. For the pneumatic system in operation, each cylinder only needs to be equipped with a solenoid valve to complete its gas path switching.

The probability of cylinder failure in operation is small. The whole product is very simple and convenient in the use process, and the operation cost of the equipment is low.

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